Wine Tasting- Banrock Station Chardonnay 2016


This is the latest wine that i tasted. Banrock Station is actually a wetland region of Australia, located in Riverina region of South Australia. This is also listed under the Ramsar Convention (check all Australian wetland regions under this convention here). This wonderful wine is from the Banrock Station named winery which operates from this region. Banrock station chardonnay of the 2016 vintage gives a taste of peach, citrus and pineapple. It carries 13% alcohol and is available at $8 per bottle but will have to buy a pack of 6.

If you have already tasted this wine before, let me know your opinion. Use the comments section below for giving your opinion.

Searching for the Best Wine Coupons Online

wine coupons online

Whenever you intend to buy a product or service online, you would inevitably search for some deal or discount. The online companies selling wines in Australia also try to attract customers by providing a range of offers, deals and discounts. Wine coupons is one such way of providing discounts on wines.

It is easy to find wine coupons online. These could be available on the websites of the wineries, wine retailers and those websites which sell only coupons. These coupons could pertain to a number of offerings, such as:

  1. Flat or percentage discount coupons: You can have coupons which entitle you to either a flat discount or a percentage off. These are the simplest way of offering money-saving deals to customers.
  1. Sign Up coupons: These are generally offered to those customers who sign up afresh either for a newsletter or as customers. Some of the deals of wines could be conditional on happening of certain conditions. Coupons are used for giving benefit only to those customers who satisfy those conditions.
  2. Referring someone else: This is another example of where coupons can be used. If you get your friend or other near and dear one to buy wine from a particular wine shop, that wine store might be offering some benefit to you as well. Coupons are generally given out to the existing customers for using in future.

Similarly, there could be many other purposes which can be served by issuing wine coupons online and allowing for its easy redemption. Wine stores can increase their subscription base using this approach.

How Are Fruit Wines Made in Australia?


There could not be a simple question than this one. Well, traditionally, the word ‘wine’ is considered to be a type of liquor which is made from fermentation of the grapes. And, fruit wines are the ones which are made from different types of fruits, other than grapes, and also from herbs and flowers. These types of wines further add to the variety of wines and are quite popular in Australia for a niche segment of customers. In practice, the fruit wine can be made from any plant part which can be fermented. So, these have a much wider connotation.

While it is theoretically possible to make fruit wines from any part of the plant which can be fermented, there are not many plants which have the required ingredients in right mix. Very few plants have balanced levels of acid, tannin, sugar, growth nutrients for yeast and other elements which can be considered suitable for making wines.

Popular Examples


You would have certainly drunk the cider, which is nothing but ‘Apple Wine’. Plum is another popular fruit used for making wine in China, Korea, Japan and Vietnam. These two fruits are used for making wines on commercial scale.

Besides, there are a number of other fruits which are used for making wines from different fruit varieties in Australia. The Ohana winery wines are made from mango, lychee, pineapple, dragonfruit and even rose. So, there is no end to the variety of fruit wines. Similarly, a number of other boutique wineries, which produce wines from small estates and in small quantities produce their own fruit wines.

Fruit wines are liked by wine drinkers for their different flavours and aromas and for trying something different and special.

Fergusson Crystal Moscato 2015 Yarra Valley

Fergusson Crystal Moscato
Fergusson Crystal Moscato 2015 Yarra Valley

Fergusson Crystal Moscato has transparent hue colour with light green tinges. Aromas of kiwi and berry fruit mesh. It is light bodied and palate contains ripe and juicy flavors of strawberry,raspberry, lime and nectarine.

Pairs well with Spicy Asian Cuisine,Antipasto and cheese.

It is a low alcohol wine containing 8.5% alcohol. Try this 12 Pack wine for $220 only.

If you have tasted this wine before, feel free to comment below.


Brown Brothers Moscato 275mL 2015 Victoria

Brown Brothers Moscato 275mL 2015 Victoria
Brown Brothers Moscato 275mL 2015 Victoria

Brown Brothers Moscato is sourced from vineyards in the northern Victoria wine region. It contains only 5% of alcohol. Its a low alchohol white wine.

This wine tastes great with Thai green curry, soft cheese and fresh slices of Granny Smith apple.

Brown Brothers Moscato is available in a pack of  24 bottle of 275ml each. for just $117.60. To know more details about this wine please visit here.

If you have tasted this wine before, feel free to comment below.