Leaving a mark – Red Claw Pinot Noir

red claw pinot noir

This wine is darkly colored with aromas of dark berries, cherries, and nuances of spice and oak. Velvety-textured with fruit flavors high in intensity and a clean finish. This wine is sure to make you feel more alive! Goes well with roasted chicken and salmon.

Red Claw Pinot Noir has been awarded 94 points in James Halliday Wine Companion.The region from where the wine belongs to, Mornington Peninsula, is geographically situated on three sides by sea making its location geographically unique. Location along with soil and elevation of the region help in imparting distinct characters to the wine. Fruit for this wine is sourced from 17-year-old vines.


Hard to put down – De Bortoli Sacred Hill Shiraz Cabernet

De Bortoli sacred hill shiraz cabernet

De Bortoli Shiraz Cabernet is another great wine from its Sacred Hill range.Aromas of red fruits, spicy vanillin oak, plums fill the nose with mouth watering flavors of spice, dark berries, and fresh red fruits at the palate. Round tannins with balanced acidity and a good finish, this wine leaves you wondering and wanting for more! To be accompanied with beef, smoked duck, lamb and tomato-based pasta.

De Bortoli is a popular wine brand of Australia with vineyards in Yarra Valley, Riverina, King Valley, Heathcote and Hunter Valley. The winery mantra is “it’s harder to do nothing” approach to winemaking with an underlying fact to allow the wine to develop itself naturally with minimum interference from outside. The winery practices sustainability and has a goal to become ‘ Zero Waste Wine Company’ in times to come.

Freaking Awesome – Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Moscato Rose

jacobs creek sparkling moscato rose

The Sparkling Moscato Rose from Jacob’s Creek is an award-winning wine which brings together aromas of strawberry and raspberry with the taste of summer berry flavors ruling the palate. A low alcohol wine which makes an excellent pairing with Brie and blue Costello.  A good cheap wine to lay your hands on!

Jacob’s Creek is a 150-year-old winery having vineyards in Barossa, Coonawarra and Adelaide Hills. The winery takes the environment conservation role seriously by using sustainable practices in viticulture, using renewable sources of energy for winemaking which powers 26% of its energy consumption and 100% recycling of wastewater during the winemaking process.

12 Lesser Known Red Wine Varietals of Australia

Shiraz rules the wines horizon in Australia, being the most produced, consumed and exported wine varietal. However, there are several other varietals of red wines which are also produced in Australia. These are lesser known but do make for a wide varietal mix for Australian wine regions.

Barbera: Barbera accounts for only 110 heactares of land area under cultivation, which is merely 0.08% of total area under vineyards in Australia. This is a premium red wine which sells in export market in price range of A$10 to 20 per litre.

Cabernet Franc: Cabernet Franc is grown in 330 hectares of land area whicih is 0.24% of the total vineyard area. This wine australia is exported mostly to UK and USA and the price of export of per litre of bottle ranges from $7.5 to $20.00 per bottle.

Dolcetto: This is another red wine grape which covers an area of 100 hectares. It is exported to other countries mostly in price range of A$5/litre to A$ 7.5/litre.
Dolcetto vineyard is declining since 2010.

Durif: Durif is another red wine variety which is grown in 620 hectares of land area. It is sold mostly in per litre price range of A$2.5 to A$5.0. UK and USA are the two major export markets.

Mataro/Mourvedre: This grape in used in preparing a blend of wines popularly called GSM. The vineyard area under this grape has been declining and currently stands at 750 hectares. This is a premium wine which sells at A$10.00/litre to A$20 per litre.

Nebbiolo: This red wine grape covers an areas of 110 hectares in Australia, most in wine regions of Yarra Valley and Hilltops. Interestingly, this is exported mostly to Denmark nad UK where this wine varietal is in good demand.

Nero d’avila: Nero d’Avila is grown on only 80 hectares of land area in Australia. The export of this wine has seen a growth of 271% as compared to last year.

Ruby Cabernet: This is grown in about 850 hectares of land area in Australia and is mostly present in Riverina and Riverland areas of Australia. This wine grape sells mostly in price band of A$2.5 to A$5.0 per litre.

Sangiovese: Sangiovese occupies 440 hectares of vineyard area in Australia. This is exported mostly to United kingdom which accounts for more than half of its total exports. Exported mostly in price band of A$2.5 to A$4.99/litre

Tarrango: Tarrango did not have any significant vineyard area under cultivation since 2011. Most of the Tarrango wines produced were exported to United Kingdom which accounted for alomst 75% of its exports. It sells well in price band of A$5.0 to A$7.5/litre.

Touriga: The last recorded vineyard area under Touriga grape was 50 heactares in 2010. The wine is sold exported in price range of A$20.00 and above for 1 litre. This is one of the most premium of red wines due to its rarity.

Zinfandel: Zinfandel is grown in only 90 hectares of land area. Barossa valley is the most important wine growing area for this grape varietal. Exports to US account for almost 60 percent of its exports.

Wine Review-Mt Langi Ghiran Cliff Edge Shiraz 2014 Grampians


Cliff Edge Shiraz has been produced from Mount Langi Ghiran estate in Victoria. The wine has dark red and bright purple hues. It carries aromas of cherry, blackberry and boysenberry from its bouquet, coupled with hints of pepper spice, clove and cocoa. The palate is of red and black cherry intensified by blue florals and pepper spice. This wine has length and balance brought about by a subtle oak influence, luscious tannins and fine acidity. It is good to have it with barbecued meats, lamb shanks and steak.

Ecstatic Pinot Grigio Wines

This PPT has some of the Best Pinot Grigio Wines of Australia. Featuring popular brands like De Bortoli, Robert Oatley, and Yellow Tail Wines.Pair up these wines with matching delicacies and be assured a joyful experience.
These wines are –
1.Rest Reserve Estate Pinot Grigio
2.Robert Oatley Wild Oats Pinot Grigio
3.Yellow Tail Pinot Grigio
4.Cumulus Block 50 Pinot Grigio
5.De Bortoli La Bossa Pinot Grigio
6.Berton Vineyards Head Over Heels Pinot Grigio

Kick the week’s monotony with Cabernet Merlot wines

Feeling like a long week at work? Gift yourself these mouth-watering Cabernet Merlot Wines and take the mundane week out of your mind by turning it into a happening week!!. Cheer yourself up with these out of the world wines from some of the finest wine-regions of Australia. What are you waiting for? Below video lists some good Cabernet Merlot wines one can lay hands on –

  1. Peter Lehmann Founding Stone Cabernet Merlot
  2. Cathedral Rock Estate Cabernet Merlot
  3. Mcwilliams Inheritance Cabernet Merlot
  4. Wild Wood Cabernet Merlot
  5. Emmetts Crossing Reserve Cabernet Merlot
  6. Salmon Bay Cabernet Merlot
  7. Yallingup Cabernet Merlot