Yarran Wines – A Well Crafted Range of Wines

Yarran wines is a wine brand of Australia which derives its name from the Yarran region. It is noteworthy that this region is a part of the Riverina wine region of New South Wales and this is where this winery is also situated. Riverina is one of the most important wine regions of Australia. The winery has its history dating back to 1913, more than a century from today. It was established on the vineyards of Yenda region after clearing the Yarran trees. The people who first initiated this venture were Lorraine and John Brewer. Now, it is managed by their son Som Brewer who is also its winemaker. Yarran winery has quite an impressive range of wines.

Its four wine ranges are:

  1. Yarran- Yarran wine range is named after the Yarran tree which was found in abundance in this region of Riverina. Mostly, the white wine fruit is procured from this region and this enable creating exclusive varietals of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Moscato and Pinot Grigio. Red wine varietals under Yarran range are also produced but the fruit is essentially procured from other sub-regions. So, it does have Yarran Shiraz, Yarran Merlot and Yarran Cab Sauv wines.
  2. B- This wine range is named after the family surname of ‘Brewers’. This range is associated with the premium wines range. Yenda Chardonnay, Yenda Durif and Yenda Petite are some of its wines.leopardwood tree
  3. Leopardwood- This wine range of Yarran wines has been named after the native leopardwood tree that is known for its characteristic leopard skin like mottled bark. The fruit for this wine range comes from the Heathcote and Yenda wine regions.
  4. Brewers Droop- This is yet another exciting wine range from the winery. It is an aged tawny made from the juice of Shiraz, Durif and Cabernet grapes. This is a highly exclusive wine from the winery.

Many of its wines have been award winners. These have cemented its place as one of the better-known wineries of the Yenda sub-region of Riverina wine region.