Teusner Bilmore Shiraz


The Bilmore Shiraz from Teusner is one of the most exciting wines from Teusner wines. Check out the details of this wine. If you have already tasted it, tell us your opinion about this 2015 vintage.


The Tale of Teusner

The story behind the establishment of Teusner is an interesting one. On a quiet evening in 2001, Kym Teusner and Mick Page were enjoying chilled beer at a local pub where they overheard a couple of grape growers talking about uprooting their 85-year-old Grenache vines. Kym and Mick quickly discussed the possibility, and with both being in agreement, offered the growers 4 times the amount of money the growers were being paid by the ‘big corporate guys’ for destroying their vineyard. The growers readily agreed, kept the vineyard intact and sold the property to the duo, who renamed the estate to Teusner.

Over the years, the winery has advanced, the range of products has grown and the team has expanded, but their philosophy remains unchanged – to craft the kind of varietals and blends they love to drink! Kym and Mick treat each member of the team not just as employees, but as the real human beings that they are. Even the growers are welcome at the winery for a beer, or to taste the wines produced using the old vine fruit that their families have been growing for generations. They are respected and paid well for their services, not only because they are hard-working but also because they are extremely skilled in their craft.


Kym Teusner was born to a sheep farmer in Tailem Bend, a riverside town of South Australia. But Kym was different, and didn’t want to carry on in his father’s footsteps. As soon as he graduated from high school, he moved to Adelaide to study Business Management. To pay for his education, he started working part-time in restaurants, which is where he discovered the many wonders of viticulture. He got so enchanted with it that whatever free time he got, he utilized it in studying about viticulture and winemaking.

The process at Teusner involves crushing the fruit one picking bin at a time. Meticulous attention is paid to preserve the flavours, structure, aromas and hues of the grapes. Looking at the day to day working at Teusner, one can clearly see that the whole team enjoy what they are doing, and they want the consumers to feel the same pleasure when they take a sip of the lovingly crafted Teusner varietals and blends. Their motto is to keep it simple yet elegant, which is why Kym and Mick have gained a huge fan following across the globe!