Derwent Estate Winery – Wines with a difference

About Derwent Estate

The Mt Nassau property has been in the hands of Hanigan’s family since 1913 and underwent various initiatives over time including vegetable production, growing poppies, and production of lime etc. and lately entered into viticulture.

Location of the property is geographically favorable to produce cool climate wine grapes

Derwent Estate Winery avoids using insecticides and pesticides that may be harmful to the environment during grape production. Alternatively, they use Integrated Pest Management approach.


The original plantings of 1992 in the vineyard comprised of only one grape variety. Five years later, these planting saw an increase to 4 grape varieties. As the name of Derwent Estate grew and its popularity rose over the years, wine companies started knocking on Derwent’s door asking it to grow premium fruit for them which included iconic names in wine business like Penfolds, for its Yattarna wine label. Today, the vineyard spans over 10 hectares with 5 different grape varieties.


The winery has 3 labels under it and are named below –

  • Lime Kiln Point Label – This label has only one Pinot Noir under it.

Lime Kiln Point Label 1


  • Boat Label – Most of the wines of the Derwent Estate belongs to this label.

Derwent Estate Boat 1

  • CALCAIRE Label – Is the premium label of Derwent Estate

Derwent Estate Calcaire

Derwent Estate Pinot Noir Tasmania 2015
Derwent Estate Pinot Noir Tasmania 2015