Lagrein grape

Lagrein Red Wines and Viticulture in Australia

Lagrein grape variety is less commonly known as compared to some of its popular red wine mates, such as Shiraz or Cabernet Sauvignon. This grape is a native of South Tyrol in northern Italy. In fact, it was grown in Lagarina valley of Trentino and Alto Aldige region in northern Italy and, hence, derives its name from it. It partners well with Schiava Grossa to form a savoury blend. Another major use of Lagrein is to make rose-style wines.

Lagrein grape

In Australia, this grape variety was brought in the late nineteenth century and there were not many producers for it initially. The Australian vineyards were grown with the Shiraz and other red and white wine grape varietals during those times. However, this variety began to be grown more in the beginning of this century and now about 60 wineries grow this grape variety.

This is grown mainly in the south-eastern parts of the country where there are cooler climes. This was brought to Australia by Peter May. The wines made from this grape are rich in tannins which makes it distinctive from the others.

Some of the popular Lagrein wine brands are: