Search And Delivery Assistance- Two Major Advantages of Online Wine Stores

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There is always a problem of finding the choicest wines. Unless there is a wine store big enough to have almost all brands of wines available physically, customers have no choice but the have the limited number of wines that they are getting locally. If you are bored with drinking just one brand of wine all this while and are looking with some other popular wines which your closeby wine store does not have, there is no option but to check it online. The online medium thus meets this very important want of finding the choicest wine. Even if the delivery of that wine has to take place from a faroff place, there is nothing to worry since it is the responsibility of the online wine store to ensure that there is no damage to wine during the delivery process. You do not have to worry about its carriage since it is undertake is a professional manner, with full consideration to the fact that the delivery has to happen to a faroff place.

To that end of finding the right wine, the online stores of wine companies hold a massive advantage since these are able to showcase their inventories to all public at large through the web platform. Online medium lends more visibility to the wines and if these are portals are marketing-friendly, then these can be promoted on various online channels lending even more visibility to diversified customer base. This is one big need which the online wine stores meet.

Another important need of wine lovers that it meets is that of delivery of wines to their desired place. If there is a physical store on the routine commutation way or at a nearby place, then you might visit it to get the wine you often buy from there. May be a pack of two would be fine. But, this can not be done when you have thrown a party and need to carry large volumes of wine bottles. Further, if the wine is being sourced from a far-off place, there is simply no time for going there. There may not be a home delivery option available even with the closest stores. This is where the online stores are of tremendous help. These help in quick deliveries of wines and with the assurance that these will not be damaged. If damaged, most wine companies would accept their return and send-off the new bottles.


Penny’s Hill Edwards Road Cabernet Sauvignon

Penny's Hill Edwards Road Cabernet Sauvignon
Penny’s Hill Edwards Road Cabernet Sauvignon

Try out this medium alcohol red wine (Cabernet Sauvignon) from Penny’s Hill. A pack would come at $144 but will be about $24 a bottle. Check out its vintage and other details.

About Penny’s Hill
Penny’s Hill is a McLaren Vale, South Australia based winery which has 11 different types of wine ranges to offer to wine lovers. Edwards Road wine range is one of it. The winery has 3 vineyards- Penny’s Hill, Goss Corner and Malpas Road.
The 2014 Edwards Road Cabernet has won The World’s Best Cabernet award at Concours International des Cabernets, France, 2016
If you have tasted this wine before, feel free to comment below.

Top Australian Online Wine Stores and Their Respective Strengths

Australia is one the largest producers, consumers and exporters of wines in world. It has as many as 2400 wineries spread across about 65 wine regions which have suitable agro-climatic regions for growth of wine-grade grapes. People have multiple options to shop for wines. Besides the retail shops, buyers can buy wines at cellar doors maintained by wineries as well as online. Online retailing of wines is now popular and many new online stores have made foray into sales of wines. Here are some of the most popular online stores with a brief about what makes them special and distinctive from others.

Dan Murphy’s

Dan Murphy's Logo

  • Dan Murphy’s  is arguably the largest aggregator of alcoholic beverages in Australia.
  • It has both online and physical presence country-wide.  It has more than 200 stores in Australia and is owned by Woolworths.
  • The store sells not only wines but also whisky, beer, cider and other drinks.
  • It also has a cellar door and a customer rewards program.
  • One of the most preferred choices to buy wine online in Australia.


Just WinesJust Wines Australia

  • It is one of the fasting growing online wine stores in Australia. Its collection of wines is far more than any other online wine shop except Dan Murphy’s. The wines which you can not find anywhere, there are good chances of finding these here.
  • Focussed only on wines and does not deal in other liquor products. Even in wines, it is focused on Australian and New Zealand wines.
  • It sells wines online only. People have to buy wine online since there is no physical store front.
  • Has close to 5000 wines at end of 2016.
  • Has extensive reach to small boutique wineries (more than 600 out of a total of about 2400 wineries)
  • If you are looking for a wine store which sells Australian wines exclusively, then this is the store you shall look forward to.


Nicks Wine Merchants

NIcks Wine Merchant

  • Nicks also deals in a number of liquor categories like Dan Murphy’s. Vintage Direct is their mail order business wherein they sell Australian wines to international destinations and also import wines from other wine regions around the world.
  • Nicks also has its own wine rating system by the name of Wine Spider.


Get Wines Direct

Get Wines Direct

  • This is an online wine store which sells both Australian and international wines.
  • The high point is that it first stores the wines and then sells it. So, the customers have it direct from it.
  • It is also known for the deals it offers on its wines collection.


Naked Wines

Naked Wines

Naked Wines is an online wine seller which works on the model of social engagement. It offers wines at wholesale prices to its customers who, in turn, fund the independent wine makers.

Naked Wines encourages customers to review their wines and have an online interaction.

Due to the capital of time spent on creating the social connect, it is clearly one of the most preferred destinations for people looking to participate in different aspects of the online wine buying process.


Grays Online

grays online


Another online retailer of wines which is commonly referred to by wine lovers and buyers is Graysonline. Graysonline is actually a multi-product online retailer who deals in a number of other categories of items as well. Grays wines is a part of the Grays Ecommerce group focused solely on wine product which has four different ecommerce sites to its credit.


Cracka Wines

Cracka Wines


Cracka Wines offers a range of wines. It has built its reputation on the basis of deals and auctions which it offers to customers. It claims to have the largest collection of wines in Australia.

Best Wine Deals Online

Which Resources to Use for Best Wine Deals Online?

If you are looking for wines in Australia, there are many companies offering wines online. Besides the wineries, there are other wine aggregators offering these for sale through online medium. For every visitor to these site, it is a natural tendency to look for the deals. And, for this reason, almost every online wine store offers deals and discounts. So, visitors do have a lot of options to find the deal of choice online. However, this could turn into a problem of plenty and can make the visitors really confused.

Best Wine Deals Online
Best Wine Deals Online

How shall the best wine deals online be found? If you know some of favourite wine stores, then these are the obvious choices which shall be looked for deals. The best part is to subscribe to their newsletters so that whenever a deal is on offer, it is sent in your email inbox.

Subscribe wine deals
Subscribe wine deals

While looking for wine sellers online, you also have to decide whether you want to visit the website of winery, aggregators or the discount sites. Each of these have their own pros and cons. Discount sites are one of the most preferred resources for those who are looking for best wine offers. These are single point reference for all deals for various products. Deals sites work in close collaboration with the other online wine sellers. But, these deals aggregators might not be offering all deals from a particular store. So, if you are looking for wine deals, it is better to look with the online wine aggregators.

Wine aggregator online stores also offer deals. The number of deals would depend on how many inventories are being carried by it. So, if you are looking for best offers on wine, you shall also search through these sites.

Buying Wines Online- Some Lesser Known Elements of an E-store


Using online medium for wine purchase is fast gaining momentum. People have been able to overcome their doubts about the efficacy of buying wines online and this has also been supported by customer-friendly policies of the online wine companies or marketplaces. While the advantages of online wine purchases are very evident, there are certain guiding features provided by the website that can be used for purchasing with proper discretion. These elements of an online wine store are:

  1. Search function: Once visitors come on the home page of website, they can make use of the search function to find the wines they are looking for. While wines could be listed on home page or under different heads, the visitor might not be find the wine which he or she desires. Therefore, search function assumes critical importance and is used very often.
  2. Compare: Another important element which is often ignored or bypassed the ‘Compare’ button which is used for comparing the different products. This is one of the key features which helps visitors arrive at a decision regarding the purchase of wines. This opens up into a new page which lists all wine features and specifications together in order to enable easy comparisons. This is most likely to be used, if visitors want to buy more than one wine and have to choose from among these.
  3. Alcohol levels: It is a fact that people do take notice of the alcohol percentage of the wine. They have clear choice among the high or the low alcohol levels. Using the product feature and specification details, you can check for percent of alcohol in a particular wine.On the other hand, if you want to make a selection of all wines with a particular range of alcohol percentage, then the same has to be done through the filters present on the page (provided alcohol-based filters are present).
  1. Related Products: Most of the online wine stores also feature wines which are similar to a particular one. This is done to enable visitors to choose other wines if their selected wine is not available due to any reason. These are usually featured under ‘You Might Also Like’ or other similar heading. This is one of the most common features of online wine stores.

Easy Replacement Policy For Wines Damaged During Transit

If you are looking to have the wines delivered to your place, one of the best ways to do it is to find the online wine retailers. This is so because the wine shop next door does not offer this service as per its traditional model of business. Also, since it operates locally, it might not be possible for it to hire a delivery person for home-to-home delivery of wines. On the contrary, the online wine shops, due to their large network and scope of operation, are in a position to offer these services. However, there are certain aspects of the delivery process which shall be considered before buying wines online.

What, if the product breaks on the way?

This is very much a likelihood that the wine bottle might break during the course of movement. Since the bottles are made of glass, these are fragile in nature. The wine companies do take precaution of packing the wines very well so as to keep these safe during transit. However, there is nothing wrong in knowing the policy if the bottle breaks during movement. Are they willing to acknowledge it and willing to replace the wine? Ideally, this replacement shall be done.

However, this replacement is dependent on whether there is enough stock of the wine. IF there is good stock available, then it is not a problem. However, if this is not the case, then what are the options given to the customers? Do they allow customers to have full refunds, or would want them to buy another wine of preference?

Holding Delivery Company Accountable

It has been noted that the companies with a flexible replacement facility are likely to have more trust of customers. Since customer is not at fault when a product breaks on way, it is a matter to be settled between the online wine shop and the delivery organization.

Generally, the delivery organization is held responsible and is required to pay the damages. The quantum of these damages is clearly mentioned in the agreement.