Penfolds St Henri Shiraz- A Premium Shiraz Wine

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St Henri is one of the many series of wines under the Penfolds wines label. This series was first launched in the 1950s, so it is more than 60 years old. The popularity of the wine has not waned ever since. Penfolds St Henri Shiraz is not a 100% shiraz wine. Rather, it also has a cabernet sauvignon content of about 4%. This gives the wine its striking magenta hue. This wine has been oaked for about a year before releasing it in market.

The wine has a great cellaring potential. It can be cellared for 30 years which makes it a great choice among wine collectors as well.

Wine Tasting- Banrock Station Chardonnay 2016


This is the latest wine that i tasted. Banrock Station is actually a wetland region of Australia, located in Riverina region of South Australia. This is also listed under the Ramsar Convention (check all Australian wetland regions under this convention here). This wonderful wine is from the Banrock Station named winery which operates from this region. Banrock station chardonnay of the 2016 vintage gives a taste of peach, citrus and pineapple. It carries 13% alcohol and is available at $8 per bottle but will have to buy a pack of 6.

If you have already tasted this wine before, let me know your opinion. Use the comments section below for giving your opinion.

How Are Fruit Wines Made in Australia?


There could not be a simple question than this one. Well, traditionally, the word ‘wine’ is considered to be a type of liquor which is made from fermentation of the grapes. And, fruit wines are the ones which are made from different types of fruits, other than grapes, and also from herbs and flowers. These types of wines further add to the variety of wines and are quite popular in Australia for a niche segment of customers. In practice, the fruit wine can be made from any plant part which can be fermented. So, these have a much wider connotation.

While it is theoretically possible to make fruit wines from any part of the plant which can be fermented, there are not many plants which have the required ingredients in right mix. Very few plants have balanced levels of acid, tannin, sugar, growth nutrients for yeast and other elements which can be considered suitable for making wines.

Popular Examples


You would have certainly drunk the cider, which is nothing but ‘Apple Wine’. Plum is another popular fruit used for making wine in China, Korea, Japan and Vietnam. These two fruits are used for making wines on commercial scale.

Besides, there are a number of other fruits which are used for making wines from different fruit varieties in Australia. The Ohana winery wines are made from mango, lychee, pineapple, dragonfruit and even rose. So, there is no end to the variety of fruit wines. Similarly, a number of other boutique wineries, which produce wines from small estates and in small quantities produce their own fruit wines.

Fruit wines are liked by wine drinkers for their different flavours and aromas and for trying something different and special.

Why do Online Wine Companies Use Coupons?

As online marketing has matured over a period of time, with multiple channels being used for customer acquisitions, the online businesses have got smarter and use different selling methodologies for different customers. There has been considerable improvement in tracking and reporting mechanisms which are able to profile customers as desired so that better targeting can be achieved. Based on this profiling, the customer segmentation is carried out. Depending on the usefulness of customer for the business, various ways and means are used to retain his or her loyalty. Deals, discounts and freebies are one of the most common ways to achieve it. Online wine retailers also make use of these tactical measures to achieve their sales with more customer acquisition, their segmentation and then selective offering of various deals. Coupons is one of the means to offer these special offers. But, why coupons and when shall these be used?

  1. Wine coupons can be used selectively. This is their biggest advantage. Would you like to acquire customers through emailers, social media platforms, organic or paid affiliate means, you can offer different coupons. Thus, these can be used for on different media and channels of marketing.
  2. While these are used, there is no need to make any change on the online store to show discounts on prices unless there is a need to offer public discounts. So, while ordinary customers would continue to pay for wines on standard prices, the selective customer base can be given for advantageous deals using coupons.
  3. Wine coupons come with an expiry date. The code cannot be used to get the discount after a specific date and time. Thus, time bound deals offerings are also possible.
  4. For those wine companies which sell by taking products from different suppliers or wineries, and the latter do not allow the online wine company to sell at discounted rates beyond a level, coupons provide a way to sell secretly at lower rates.

Coupons serve this purpose of differentiated targeting very well. The online wines company has to ensure that any particular coupon is not amenable to be used after its expiry date or by multiple users.

Mitchelton Wines HIstory, Vineyards, Awards and Appreciations

Looking to host your wedding or any special occasion in a vineyard? Or, do you wish to participate in a running competition? Okay, do you want to dine well or have best chocolates in a chocolates café. You will get all of these, besides the wines, at the Mitchelton wines. Mitchelton’s sustainable eco-friendly viticultural methods have given it a reputable place in wines industry of Australia.

Best Wine Deals Online

Which Resources to Use for Best Wine Deals Online?

If you are looking for wines in Australia, there are many companies offering wines online. Besides the wineries, there are other wine aggregators offering these for sale through online medium. For every visitor to these site, it is a natural tendency to look for the deals. And, for this reason, almost every online wine store offers deals and discounts. So, visitors do have a lot of options to find the deal of choice online. However, this could turn into a problem of plenty and can make the visitors really confused.

Best Wine Deals Online
Best Wine Deals Online

How shall the best wine deals online be found? If you know some of favourite wine stores, then these are the obvious choices which shall be looked for deals. The best part is to subscribe to their newsletters so that whenever a deal is on offer, it is sent in your email inbox.

Subscribe wine deals
Subscribe wine deals

While looking for wine sellers online, you also have to decide whether you want to visit the website of winery, aggregators or the discount sites. Each of these have their own pros and cons. Discount sites are one of the most preferred resources for those who are looking for best wine offers. These are single point reference for all deals for various products. Deals sites work in close collaboration with the other online wine sellers. But, these deals aggregators might not be offering all deals from a particular store. So, if you are looking for wine deals, it is better to look with the online wine aggregators.

Wine aggregator online stores also offer deals. The number of deals would depend on how many inventories are being carried by it. So, if you are looking for best offers on wine, you shall also search through these sites.