Nebbiolo – A grape from Piedmont

About Nebbiolo Grape

It is a red wine grape variety most notably found in Piedmont, Italy. Its budding time is among the fastest and takes a long time to ripen compared to other grape varieties.

Upon ageing Nebbiolo wine develops flavours and aromas of cherries, raspberries, tobacco, tar, truffles.

Total vineyard area of Nebbiolo is 5,993 hectares in the world. It is most widely grown in Piedmont region in Italy where it is spread over 457 hectares.

Nebbiolo in Australia

  • The King Valley region of Victoria has the most widely grown vineyards of Nebbiolo spreading over 98 ha.
  • Climatic conditions of Margaret River of Western Australia and Mornington Peninsula in Victoria such as humidity, rainfall and amount of sunlight is very similar to Langhe region of Piedmont, Italy.
  • New South Wales, Clare Valley, Mudgee and Victoria’s Bendigo have good potential to become the future growing regions of Nebbiolo wines in Australia.