Best Practices for Chardonnay Wines Food Pairing

Wines and foods both have their own aromas and tastes. Therefore, the pairing of wine and food shall be such that the aroma and taste of wine is not lost in those of foods. Careful wine pairing is done by experts by keeping in view the essential characteristics of both so that the drinkers have the best of both worlds. In this respect, following are some of the best practices for pairing of Chardonnay white wines.


  • Chardonnay goes well with mild dishes having creamy feel.
  • Meaty and shell fishes, lightly seasoned poultry and pork are other good food items to pair with it
  • Chardonnay with oaky feel is good with toasty flavouring food
  • Chardonnay’s sweetness does well with corn, sweet potatoes, butternut squash. Roaster and grilled foods like roasted chicken also tastes well with the wine.
  • Dishes with smooth texture, such as creamy soups, pastas and sauces are other good items to pair chardonnay wines with.


  • Do not drink it with aggressively seasoned food. So, a good many Chinese, Indian and Southeast Asian dishes are out of question.
  • Another food item which spoils the Chardonnay wine taste are the bitter foods. These include bitter vegetables and spices. These have the effect of making your favourite chardy taste sour.
  • Foods with high levels of acidity, such as olives, high-acid cheese and raw tomatoes, are a big no to be taken along with chardonnay.
  • If you think that the chardonnays anywhere in the world would taste best when chilled, you cannot be farther from truth. There is a need to keep it away from the ice bucket 15 to 20 minutes before relishing it.