Shiraz Wine Trends- Australia Vs Rest of The World

shiraz wines australia

The grape varietal which has earned Australia a place of pride in world wine map is Shiraz. This varietal was popularised in Australia in 1990s and Australia’s position was 35th in the world at that time. This proved to be a game changer as it was well accepted not only domestically but also internationally. The growing demand led to increase in the area and it almost increased three times over a period of 10 years. The increase in the area was significant and proved that Shiraz wines Australia had clear dominance over other varietals. By 2010, meaning in two decades time of its introduction, the area further increased and Australia became the 6th country in global ranking for this wine grape varietal.

What is worth noting is the fact that area under Shiraz did not grow only under Australia but also in other wine regions of the world, notably France and Spain. So, despite the increase, Australia is still not the leader. Also, this varietal has also started to grow in new countries, such as Portugal and Italy. This has led to decline of Australian share in growing this varietal in global comparison.

Aussie wine industry has been rather laggard at looking at different alternatives of other grape varietals. But, there is an increasing recognition of the fact that diversification of varietals shall be undertaken in right earnest. This has also been a subject of discussion in the Australian wine industry bodies.


Ecstatic Pinot Grigio Wines

This PPT has some of the Best Pinot Grigio Wines of Australia. Featuring popular brands like De Bortoli, Robert Oatley, and Yellow Tail Wines.Pair up these wines with matching delicacies and be assured a joyful experience.
These wines are –
1.Rest Reserve Estate Pinot Grigio
2.Robert Oatley Wild Oats Pinot Grigio
3.Yellow Tail Pinot Grigio
4.Cumulus Block 50 Pinot Grigio
5.De Bortoli La Bossa Pinot Grigio
6.Berton Vineyards Head Over Heels Pinot Grigio

Kick the week’s monotony with Cabernet Merlot wines

Feeling like a long week at work? Gift yourself these mouth-watering Cabernet Merlot Wines and take the mundane week out of your mind by turning it into a happening week!!. Cheer yourself up with these out of the world wines from some of the finest wine-regions of Australia. What are you waiting for? Below video lists some good Cabernet Merlot wines one can lay hands on –

  1. Peter Lehmann Founding Stone Cabernet Merlot
  2. Cathedral Rock Estate Cabernet Merlot
  3. Mcwilliams Inheritance Cabernet Merlot
  4. Wild Wood Cabernet Merlot
  5. Emmetts Crossing Reserve Cabernet Merlot
  6. Salmon Bay Cabernet Merlot
  7. Yallingup Cabernet Merlot

Shiraz Wines to Fill your Days

Here are some Shiraz wines to fill your days with delight and night with fantasies. Every bottle is a mark of effort and labor undergone in making them. Cherish these bottles and you shall not be disappointed. Drink with family and friends and it will be worth the experience.

These mouth-watering Shiraz wines from 2016 are a must for people who love wines. From the first sip to the last these wines can make a delightful experience. Be the part of something amazing, like them and love them. Irresistible to the core!



Best Practices for Chardonnay Wines Food Pairing

Wines and foods both have their own aromas and tastes. Therefore, the pairing of wine and food shall be such that the aroma and taste of wine is not lost in those of foods. Careful wine pairing is done by experts by keeping in view the essential characteristics of both so that the drinkers have the best of both worlds. In this respect, following are some of the best practices for pairing of Chardonnay white wines.


  • Chardonnay goes well with mild dishes having creamy feel.
  • Meaty and shell fishes, lightly seasoned poultry and pork are other good food items to pair with it
  • Chardonnay with oaky feel is good with toasty flavouring food
  • Chardonnay’s sweetness does well with corn, sweet potatoes, butternut squash. Roaster and grilled foods like roasted chicken also tastes well with the wine.
  • Dishes with smooth texture, such as creamy soups, pastas and sauces are other good items to pair chardonnay wines with.


  • Do not drink it with aggressively seasoned food. So, a good many Chinese, Indian and Southeast Asian dishes are out of question.
  • Another food item which spoils the Chardonnay wine taste are the bitter foods. These include bitter vegetables and spices. These have the effect of making your favourite chardy taste sour.
  • Foods with high levels of acidity, such as olives, high-acid cheese and raw tomatoes, are a big no to be taken along with chardonnay.
  • If you think that the chardonnays anywhere in the world would taste best when chilled, you cannot be farther from truth. There is a need to keep it away from the ice bucket 15 to 20 minutes before relishing it.