Gods of Wine From Ancient Mythologies

Wine is often touted as a drink of the Gods. No other alcoholic beverage has been associated with the Gods in such a positive manner. Generally, we are not advised to have any intoxicating drink due to our religious beliefs but it is also a fact that our ancient Gods did drink wines.


To begin with, let us turn to Greek mythology. The ancient Greeks even had a God of grapes-Dionysus. This shows how important was grape cultivation during those times for the Greeks. This God was not just for the grapes but also for winemakers and wines as such. Dionysus also exhibited two distinct moods of a person intoxicated with wines. One of the moods is of ecstasy and joy, and the other mood is of utter misery and chaos. Symbolism of these two facets of wine drinkers is unmistakable, and is true even now. True to those who drink excessively and become untamed, Dionysus was also a God for them who wanted people to live a life without bondages.

Now, let us discuss the Roman God, Liber. Liber was the God of viticulture. LiberAnd, besides viticulture, he was also the lord of Freedom and fertility. It is interesting to note that wines are also related to fertility and spirit of freedom world over. Liber represented male power.

Gods of wine are not exclusive to Europe. Even the South Africans had their Goddess of beer in Mbaba Mwana Waresa. Again, she is also a Goddess of Fertility.

Mbaba Mwana Waresa
Mbaba Mwana Waresa

The goddess is highly revered in South Africa for her invention of beer.

The Sumerians also had their wine God in Ninkasi. She is believed to be a brewer herself who made wines for Gods. These early brewers were women since it was considered to be a part of job of women folk.


Raegast, the Slavic God. Raugutiene, the fermentation God of Baltic countries, and Raugupatis, the beer Goddess of Baltic nations. Soma, the Hindu God. Sucellus, the Celtic God of agriculture and alcoholic drinks. These are some of the Gods who have been directly related to wines or other similar intoxicating beverages.