Wines for the first timers- How to make a beginning?

firs time wine

Wines take a longer time to develop their taste than the other forms of liquor, such as beer or whisky. For this reason, the consumption of wines as a first choice for the first timers is not easy. If the first-timers are given choice of wines along with beer or whisky, it is most likely that they do not prefer the former to the latter. The reason is quick flavor and impact that other forms of liquor have on the person. Wines are a lot more subtler. So, how would wines be introduced to the newcomers?
At first, attempt shall be made to offer those wines which are most likely to be tasteful to the newcomers. Some of the options in this respect could be to make use of those wines that have strong and clear flavour and aroma. Rose wines, sweet dessert wines and fortified wines could be some of the options in this respect. Rose wines have smell that would be to the liking of people who are getting introduced to wines for the first time. Similarly, having sweet wines after the meals could mean inculcating the habit of having sweet wines. This can help slowly developing the taste of wines before moving to explore more and different types of wines.
There is a strong possibility that the wines which people are having might not be taken with the right food which would be able to express its character and style with great effect. Proper food pairing goes a long way in developing the taste of wine. Therefore, the first-timers shall take note of this fact and have the wine they are tasting with the right food. Else, they can reverse the choice and have that wine which goes well with the food that they love. There is enough literature on the internet to help them with the right food pairing.
Selection of first wine is important because it will set the mood for having wines again next time. If the selection is poor, then people might not want to have another try at wines. Therefore, seeking advice of friends who have similar tastes or researching for the right wine for the beginners as mentioned by wine critics are some of the ways to get hand on the right wines.

Learn These Dessert Wine Types by Heart

Dessert wines are sweet wines which are generally offered after the meals, hence are named as such. Sweetness in dessert wines is due to the fact that fermentation of grapes stops before the whole of sugar is converted into alcohol. The process of fermentation being carried out by yeast is stopped either by way of super-cooling or by adding a little brandy to it as these environs do not permit it to carry out the fermentation process.

Classification of Dessert Wines

Sparkling Dessert
Lightly Sweet Dessert

·        Gewürztraminer

·        Riesling

·        Muller-Thurgau

·        Chenin Blanc

·        Viognier

Richly Sweet Dessert

·        Late Harvest

·        Noble Rot

  1. Sauternes, Barsac, Cadillac and Monbazillac
  2. Tokaji
  3. Auslese, Beerenauslese and Trockenbeerenauslese

·        Straw Mat

  1. Italian vin Santo
  2. Italian Passito
  3. Greek Straw Wines
  4. German Strohwein/Austrian Schilfwein
  5. French Vin de Paille

·        Ice Wine (Eiswein)

Sweet Red

·        Lambrusco

·        Brachetto d’Acqui

·        Schiava

·        Freisa

·        Recioto della Valpolicella

·        Late-Harvest Red Wines

Fortified Wines

·        Port

  1. Ruby & Crusted Port
  2. Vintage & LBV Port
  3. Tawny Port
  4. Port-style wines

·        Sherry

  1. Fino
  2. Manzanilla
  3. Palo Cortado
  4. Amontillado
  5. Oloroso
  6. Cream
  7. Moscatel

·        Madeira

  1. Rainwater and Madeira
  2. Serical
  3. Verdelho
  4. Bual
  5. Malmsey

·        Vin doux Naturel (VDN)

  1. Grenache-based VDN
  2. Muscat-based VDN
  3. Malvasia-based VDN
  4. Mavrodaphini