Sangria Wines-A Peek into Some Facts

It is basically red wine with chopped fruits and may additionally contain brandy or orange juice. The word ‘Sangria’ is derived from a Spanish word ‘Sangre’ meaning blood which relates to the red colour of the drink.

Brandy is the most common ingredient in making Sangria, it can well be substituted with sparkling water or flavored liqueur.

Predecessor to Sangria

It has a predecessor called ‘Sangaree’ which originated in the Caribbean and was taken as both a hot and cold drink.

Where is Sangria popular?

It is quite a popular drink in Portugal, Spain, Greece and England.

Serving temperature for Sangria?

Sangria wines taste best when served at cold temperature.

How many calories are present in a glass of Sangria?

There are about 91 calories in an 8-ounce glass of Sangria. Out of the total, 40% is attributed to alcohol content present in it.

Sangria Food Pairing?

Makes excellent pairing with spicy food since the sweetness in Sangria complements the spicy in the dishes. Sangria pairs well with seafood. It goes well with cheese like Brie and as well with Manchego, Pepperjack and Roncal. Spanish people love having this drink with Paella – a rice dish of Spain.

Sangria Blanca

When one hears the word ‘Sangria’ automatically red wine comes to the mind. Sangria Blanca is a new phenomenon in the world of Sangria wines. As the name suggests, ‘Sangria Blanca’ is a Sangria made of white wine such as Jumilla, Rueda and Valdepenas.

Geographical Labeling Rules in Europe

In Europe, the drinks labelled solely as Sangria means that the Sangria is made in Spain and Portugal otherwise the drink is associated with the country where it’s made and is labelled accordingly. For e.g. German Sangria or Swedish Sangria.

Sangria Wine Brand Australia

The most popular brand selling Sangria Wine in Australia is Yellow Tail Sangria.

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