Why do Online Wine Companies Use Coupons?

As online marketing has matured over a period of time, with multiple channels being used for customer acquisitions, the online businesses have got smarter and use different selling methodologies for different customers. There has been considerable improvement in tracking and reporting mechanisms which are able to profile customers as desired so that better targeting can be achieved. Based on this profiling, the customer segmentation is carried out. Depending on the usefulness of customer for the business, various ways and means are used to retain his or her loyalty. Deals, discounts and freebies are one of the most common ways to achieve it. Online wine retailers also make use of these tactical measures to achieve their sales with more customer acquisition, their segmentation and then selective offering of various deals. Coupons is one of the means to offer these special offers. But, why coupons and when shall these be used?

  1. Wine coupons can be used selectively. This is their biggest advantage. Would you like to acquire customers through emailers, social media platforms, organic or paid affiliate means, you can offer different coupons. Thus, these can be used for on different media and channels of marketing.
  2. While these are used, there is no need to make any change on the online store to show discounts on prices unless there is a need to offer public discounts. So, while ordinary customers would continue to pay for wines on standard prices, the selective customer base can be given for advantageous deals using coupons.
  3. Wine coupons come with an expiry date. The code cannot be used to get the discount after a specific date and time. Thus, time bound deals offerings are also possible.
  4. For those wine companies which sell by taking products from different suppliers or wineries, and the latter do not allow the online wine company to sell at discounted rates beyond a level, coupons provide a way to sell secretly at lower rates.

Coupons serve this purpose of differentiated targeting very well. The online wines company has to ensure that any particular coupon is not amenable to be used after its expiry date or by multiple users.


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