Buying Wines Online- Some Lesser Known Elements of an E-store


Using online medium for wine purchase is fast gaining momentum. People have been able to overcome their doubts about the efficacy of buying wines online and this has also been supported by customer-friendly policies of the online wine companies or marketplaces. While the advantages of online wine purchases are very evident, there are certain guiding features provided by the website that can be used for purchasing with proper discretion. These elements of an online wine store are:

  1. Search function: Once visitors come on the home page of website, they can make use of the search function to find the wines they are looking for. While wines could be listed on home page or under different heads, the visitor might not be find the wine which he or she desires. Therefore, search function assumes critical importance and is used very often.
  2. Compare: Another important element which is often ignored or bypassed the ‘Compare’ button which is used for comparing the different products. This is one of the key features which helps visitors arrive at a decision regarding the purchase of wines. This opens up into a new page which lists all wine features and specifications together in order to enable easy comparisons. This is most likely to be used, if visitors want to buy more than one wine and have to choose from among these.
  3. Alcohol levels: It is a fact that people do take notice of the alcohol percentage of the wine. They have clear choice among the high or the low alcohol levels. Using the product feature and specification details, you can check for percent of alcohol in a particular wine.On the other hand, if you want to make a selection of all wines with a particular range of alcohol percentage, then the same has to be done through the filters present on the page (provided alcohol-based filters are present).
  1. Related Products: Most of the online wine stores also feature wines which are similar to a particular one. This is done to enable visitors to choose other wines if their selected wine is not available due to any reason. These are usually featured under ‘You Might Also Like’ or other similar heading. This is one of the most common features of online wine stores.

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