Easy Replacement Policy For Wines Damaged During Transit

If you are looking to have the wines delivered to your place, one of the best ways to do it is to find the online wine retailers. This is so because the wine shop next door does not offer this service as per its traditional model of business. Also, since it operates locally, it might not be possible for it to hire a delivery person for home-to-home delivery of wines. On the contrary, the online wine shops, due to their large network and scope of operation, are in a position to offer these services. However, there are certain aspects of the delivery process which shall be considered before buying wines online.

What, if the product breaks on the way?

This is very much a likelihood that the wine bottle might break during the course of movement. Since the bottles are made of glass, these are fragile in nature. The wine companies do take precaution of packing the wines very well so as to keep these safe during transit. However, there is nothing wrong in knowing the policy if the bottle breaks during movement. Are they willing to acknowledge it and willing to replace the wine? Ideally, this replacement shall be done.

However, this replacement is dependent on whether there is enough stock of the wine. IF there is good stock available, then it is not a problem. However, if this is not the case, then what are the options given to the customers? Do they allow customers to have full refunds, or would want them to buy another wine of preference?

Holding Delivery Company Accountable

It has been noted that the companies with a flexible replacement facility are likely to have more trust of customers. Since customer is not at fault when a product breaks on way, it is a matter to be settled between the online wine shop and the delivery organization.

Generally, the delivery organization is held responsible and is required to pay the damages. The quantum of these damages is clearly mentioned in the agreement.


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