Discounting in Online Australian Wines Business

For a customer who is shopping wines online in Australia, finding the best wines at the cheapest prices can result in saving good sum of money. Price is a crucial component of the online buying behaviour of customers. The online Australian wines stores also strive to provide the best possible rates to the visitors. While providing the wines at cheapest prices, the wines e-stores come up with many innovative deals with certain objectives in mind. These objectives could be long term or short term in nature.

Many of the online ventures selling wines in Australia are funded by investors. These investors have deep pockets and are in a position to offer wines at highly discounted prices, even to the extent that they are able to bear the losses for years to come. This is done to gain the greatest possible market share, make the visitors explore the user experience of the online store and check out its products and services. The heavy discounting is aimed at attracting customers and making them buy on their own sites rather than the competitors.

For the visitors, it is important to know that the cheap prices of wines are the result of discounting online and the store is not selling a wine which is nearing an expiry date. Most of the time, the wine buyers are under this impression that more is the age of wine, the better it is. But, in reality, this is not the case. The wines also come with an expiry date. So, for those wine retailers who have to off-load the old stock before this date, discounting is one of the ways of achieving their sales ahead of others.

It might also happen that retailers have fresh stocks coming up and there is a need to purge some of the existing inventory of wines to be able to store the new ones. This could be the reason for offering wine deals or lowest prices for the wines.

Whatever be the motive behind heavy discounting, it is a fact that the customers do stand to gain from the low prices which are otherwise unimaginable.


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