Red Wine or White Wine- Which One Shall I Drink This Evening?


Red and White are the two most popular types of wines. These are produced all over the globe but are different in some of their properties. The skins of grape determine whether these would be red or white in colour finally. For the consumers who are not having any specific brand or colour preference and drink both, every evening is loaded with multiple options. Whether to take the red one or the white one this evening? For most of the consumers, it is the mood which guides the decision. However, it could also be guided by the perceived health benefits and the respective properties of these wines. Other important factors are the taste and the aroma of the wine, which shall match with your mood.

At a more basic level, let us understand the fundamental differences between the two. Red wines of Australia, like shiraz, malbec, merlot, pinot noir, tempranillo, cabernet sauvignon and other varieties are heavier than the Australian white wines. White grapes have yellow shade skin or seed whereas Red ones have thick and dark red skins. Tannin, the compound which lends aroma and flavour to the wines, is singularly responsible for creating this differentiation between the red and the white wines. Red wines have more tannins than the whites.

Red wine can be turned into a white wine of sparkling variety but it is not possible to do the other way. Both the wines are pretty same in terms of their nutritional value. Red wines have more antioxidants and are better for heart as compared to white wines, but the latter are good for cancer. Red ones have less sugar content as compared to the white ones. Those who want to less sugar intake, white ones are preferable. So, when you have to decide to on which wine to have tonight, it is better to have both by turns. Therefore, the best bet is to keep both stored and have these by turns. Here is a video by which shall be seen for understanding this difference.


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