Mobile Usage to Buy Wine Online in Australia

The trend for online shopping is never going to die down. This increase in online retailing is a global phenomenon which has changed the consumer buying behaviour across world geographies. Evolution of ecommerce to be more reliable and credible has led people to shed their misgivings with respect to payments processing, security and privacy of data, safe and timely deliveries of products and other aspects which were earlier a hindrance in buying online. This has been made possible by a series of far reaching changes in enabling technologies, delivery channels, procurement channels, marketing channels and suitable legal framework. In Australia as well, these enabling factors have been present to prompt the people into buying online. And, one of the commodities which is truly representative of Australia is the Australian Wine which is also one of the major products available online for customers.

While there is uplift in wine purchase online, it is interesting to note what are the different devices using which the people are buying wines online. These devices can be broadly categorized into desktops, mobiles or the tablets. Generally, for all ecommerce, there is an increasing trend of smart phone users for buying products. However, there could be significant variations depending on one industry to another. While it is not uncommon to find more than 60 percent of total purchases for certain products being done using smart phones, certain other products might be selling well from the desktops. With respect to wine online Australia, it is noteworthy that the percent of people using smart phones is less than those using desktops to buy wines online.

The apprehensive of people with respect to genuineness of product and deliveries of wines, in particular, are important reasons for not buying online and using smart phones for this purpose is even rarer than using the desktops. Accessing the online retailers by browsing the web or by downloading and using the mobile application are two important ways. While the former is used to a good extent, the usage of latter is not significant because many companies still do not have the mobile apps for this purpose.


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