How to Make People Buy Wines Online?

Online commerce has changed the buying behaviour of people. It has also changed the methods of analysis for study of buying behaviour of people so as to initiate well targeted marketing activities. Among the major variables on which buying behaviour depends is the nature of the product. Alcohol-based drinks, such as wines, are also bought online and it is interesting to note the peculiarities of buying wines online.


It is certainly not easy for the first-timers to buy wines online. Not having tasted the wines before is a major hindrance for initiating the purchase on the web. The most obvious choice is of tasting it first with the friends or family. Only when one is sure about the type of wine which he or she likes, and also the brand preference, is the person likely to buy wine online.

In order to cultivate this market segment of first time tasters, it is pertinent for the wine companies to hold the tasting events. While these tasting events are generally held by wine-makers but the difference is that the experts are called in to provide their inputs. Besides experts, the wine dealers and other buyers are also invited. There is an obvious gap of using these events for the first-timers.

If done appropriately, these events can help in cultivating this niche market segment and help in making loyal customers.

Reluctant Buyers

Some customers are favourably disposed for buying wines online but something or the other stops them from initiating the process. They would surf through the website but would not muster up enough courage to buy online. These apprehensive customers need to be triggered into buying. What could be stopping them from buying wines online? List down the most probable reasons. Work out the right strategy to have them converted.

The buyers could be worried about safe packaging or delivery. They might be finding something amiss in the website which could be more reassuring for them. There could even be a price difference or the product image might not be good. Therefore, issues relating to credibility of website, promises of safe delivery, assurance of successful order completion and product-related issues could be holding back the reluctant buyers.

Regular buyers

Those who buy regularly generally have clear-cut choices. They would have their own preferred brands of wines. They would go into the details of deals and other distinguishing features of your website to buy from one rather than its competitors.

These customers would not mind buying online for trying out a new wine. So, whenever a new wine is launched, these are the first set of customers most likely to buy it.

It is these customers who buy wines online regularly who are targeted by online wine companies. Strategies are devised on how to make the product and its marketing distinctive and appealing from the competitors.


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