Wine Quote – The older I get, the better I get

Wine Quote - The older I get the better


Bird in Hand Chardonnay – Worthy of attention

Bird in hand chardonnay

Bird in Hand Chardonnay 2016 has won Gold at International Wine Challenge 2017 as well as New Zealand International Wine Show 2017 proving that spending on this wine is not a waste of time.

Bird in hand winery takes great pride in producing quality wines that wine lovers cherish. The winery produces Chardonnay, Shiraz, Riesling, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc wines and few other Italian grape varieties. The winery has 4 ranges – Tribute Series, Nest Egg, Bird in Hand and Two in the Bush. The brand has also dived into Art, fashion, and home goods. The winery also organizes music concerts where wine and good music combine to create a night one of its kind.

Sparkle of the eye – Yarra Burn Premium Cuvee Brut

Yarra Burn Premium Brut

Yarra Burn Premium Cuvee Brut is an excellent wine with palate comprising of citrus elements accompanied with noticeable mushroom distinctions. Pair it with sushi and salmon to make your dining experience awesome!

Cuvee in the label means that the wine is a blend of multiple grape varieties whereas the term ‘Brut’ means that the wine has very less sugar and is almost dry and is generally a most popular form of sparkling wines.

Yarra Burn Winery is located in Yarra Valley and comes in the coolest wine regions of Australia.The climate plays a significant role in imparting cool climate varietal characters to the wines which are hard to match.


Learn These Dessert Wine Types by Heart

Dessert wines are sweet wines which are generally offered after the meals, hence are named as such. Sweetness in dessert wines is due to the fact that fermentation of grapes stops before the whole of sugar is converted into alcohol. The process of fermentation being carried out by yeast is stopped either by way of super-cooling or by adding a little brandy to it as these environs do not permit it to carry out the fermentation process.

Classification of Dessert Wines

Sparkling Dessert
Lightly Sweet Dessert

·        Gewürztraminer

·        Riesling

·        Muller-Thurgau

·        Chenin Blanc

·        Viognier

Richly Sweet Dessert

·        Late Harvest

·        Noble Rot

  1. Sauternes, Barsac, Cadillac and Monbazillac
  2. Tokaji
  3. Auslese, Beerenauslese and Trockenbeerenauslese

·        Straw Mat

  1. Italian vin Santo
  2. Italian Passito
  3. Greek Straw Wines
  4. German Strohwein/Austrian Schilfwein
  5. French Vin de Paille

·        Ice Wine (Eiswein)

Sweet Red

·        Lambrusco

·        Brachetto d’Acqui

·        Schiava

·        Freisa

·        Recioto della Valpolicella

·        Late-Harvest Red Wines

Fortified Wines

·        Port

  1. Ruby & Crusted Port
  2. Vintage & LBV Port
  3. Tawny Port
  4. Port-style wines

·        Sherry

  1. Fino
  2. Manzanilla
  3. Palo Cortado
  4. Amontillado
  5. Oloroso
  6. Cream
  7. Moscatel

·        Madeira

  1. Rainwater and Madeira
  2. Serical
  3. Verdelho
  4. Bual
  5. Malmsey

·        Vin doux Naturel (VDN)

  1. Grenache-based VDN
  2. Muscat-based VDN
  3. Malvasia-based VDN
  4. Mavrodaphini


Why Companies Offer Wine Deals and How to Find the Best One?

wine deals

Wines are an important part of life of Australian people. These are a part of the meal and must-haves at the events, parties and functions. The popularity of wines has also led to its widespread acceptance even at the formal functions and events. With so much wine consumption among the people and with so much variety to drink, the people often look to buy the wines at best possible rates or with some good deal. Wine companies also understand this requirement and come out with deals that are tailored around their preferences. This is done to ensure that the wines are bought to achieve company objectives.

Deals on wines enable the companies to achieve many objectives. Some of the major ones are:

  • Beating the competitors to capture more market of wine lovers.
  • Clearing the stocks.
  • Exclusively selling wines to loyal customers at low prices.
  • Wine deal can also be given to customers by adding some other product to the discounted wines. This is to add more value.

Deals are offered through online and off-line mediums. Online medium is easy to reach out and one can see offers from a number of companies in one go. This also helps in comparing the deals being offered by various online companies.

In order to choose the one which is best for you, you just need to check whether the deal fulfills any of your latent needs or wants. Whether the wine you like is coming to you at rock bottom price or not? Whether it is being clubbed with some other article which you wanted for a long time? Does the wine offer include the brand which you love to have? You can certain bookmark certain sites which offer good wine deal on regular basis. There are certain sites others which allow comparison of these offers. You can make a reference from these as well. However, you ensure that these sites are having the latest wines updated on their list from all suppliers.

Close to the heart – Spring Vale Pinot Noir

Spring Vale Pinot Noir

Brick red in colour. Aromas of vanilla and black cherries accompanied with strawberry and cherry flavours. Good length and well balanced, Spring Vale Pinot Noir wine can be savored with salmon, lamb chops and games dishes. An excellent drop for a nice romantic evening!

The wine’s region,  Freycinet coast, is located in Tasmania and its climate is well suited for the production of cool-climate wines.This winery is known for producing the best Pinot Noir Wines of the region. It also produces wines of other varietals such as Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay.

Shiraz Wine Trends- Australia Vs Rest of The World

shiraz wines australia

The grape varietal which has earned Australia a place of pride in world wine map is Shiraz. This varietal was popularised in Australia in 1990s and Australia’s position was 35th in the world at that time. This proved to be a game changer as it was well accepted not only domestically but also internationally. The growing demand led to increase in the area and it almost increased three times over a period of 10 years. The increase in the area was significant and proved that Shiraz wines Australia had clear dominance over other varietals. By 2010, meaning in two decades time of its introduction, the area further increased and Australia became the 6th country in global ranking for this wine grape varietal.

What is worth noting is the fact that area under Shiraz did not grow only under Australia but also in other wine regions of the world, notably France and Spain. So, despite the increase, Australia is still not the leader. Also, this varietal has also started to grow in new countries, such as Portugal and Italy. This has led to decline of Australian share in growing this varietal in global comparison.

Aussie wine industry has been rather laggard at looking at different alternatives of other grape varietals. But, there is an increasing recognition of the fact that diversification of varietals shall be undertaken in right earnest. This has also been a subject of discussion in the Australian wine industry bodies.