Wine Review-Mt Langi Ghiran Cliff Edge Shiraz 2014 Grampians


Cliff Edge Shiraz has been produced from Mount Langi Ghiran estate in Victoria. The wine has dark red and bright purple hues. It carries aromas of cherry, blackberry and boysenberry from its bouquet, coupled with hints of pepper spice, clove and cocoa. The palate is of red and black cherry intensified by blue florals and pepper spice. This wine has length and balance brought about by a subtle oak influence, luscious tannins and fine acidity. It is good to have it with barbecued meats, lamb shanks and steak.


Ecstatic Pinot Grigio Wines

This PPT has some of the Best Pinot Grigio Wines of Australia. Featuring popular brands like De Bortoli, Robert Oatley, and Yellow Tail Wines.Pair up these wines with matching delicacies and be assured a joyful experience.
These wines are –
1.Rest Reserve Estate Pinot Grigio
2.Robert Oatley Wild Oats Pinot Grigio
3.Yellow Tail Pinot Grigio
4.Cumulus Block 50 Pinot Grigio
5.De Bortoli La Bossa Pinot Grigio
6.Berton Vineyards Head Over Heels Pinot Grigio

Kick the week’s monotony with Cabernet Merlot wines

Feeling like a long week at work? Gift yourself these mouth-watering Cabernet Merlot Wines and take the mundane week out of your mind by turning it into a happening week!!. Cheer yourself up with these out of the world wines from some of the finest wine-regions of Australia. What are you waiting for? Below video lists some good Cabernet Merlot wines one can lay hands on –

  1. Peter Lehmann Founding Stone Cabernet Merlot
  2. Cathedral Rock Estate Cabernet Merlot
  3. Mcwilliams Inheritance Cabernet Merlot
  4. Wild Wood Cabernet Merlot
  5. Emmetts Crossing Reserve Cabernet Merlot
  6. Salmon Bay Cabernet Merlot
  7. Yallingup Cabernet Merlot

How to make the most out of online wine deals?

Who does not want products at throwaway prices? And, when the product is wine, the hunt for best wine deals can be even more intensive. You would certainly be willing to put in more effort to cash in on the offers and discount that various wine companies bring out every now and then. In the online wine businesses, this look-out can be quite interesting as well as cumbersome since could be a number of players offering these discounts.

Understand the online wine biz

The companies offering wine deals online to customers could be a winery itself, an intermediary such as a wine marketplace, an independent bargain website, or any other. Each of these has its own model of operation and relative strengths and weaknesses. To get the best wine deals online, you must very clearly recognize these companies and categorize into a portfolio of your own.

A typical portfolio could be:

  • 2 bargain sites (exclusive for wines or multi-product)
  • 2-3 wine aggregator sites (that list wines from most of the wineries)
  • 2 winery sites (according to your brand preference)
  • 2 wine auction sites ( if you love to bid)

Spend time in doing internet research initially

You do need to put in some effort to clearly identify which online wine business is offering the deals that match your tastes and requirements. This could be a once-in-a-while exercise since new start-ups keep coming up. The benefit of this exercise would be that you need not look for deals in a myriad of websites but in a few selected ones on regular basis. This will save time. You would need to move to other websites only when the deal on selected websites is not the one you want.

Download mobile apps

There could be some online wine companies which match your expectations consistently and for a long period of time. You can even go for installing their mobile applications on mobiles to remain aware of the exclusive deals notifications.

Some of the highly exclusive deals on wines might be offered only through the mobile application. Companies do so because they want their mobile application to be downloaded. So, this could prove to be even more beneficial for you.

Alert Notifications

This is one very effective way of knowing what is the latest wine deal offering on the web. This alert notification service could be operating in many ways. It could be a push notification from a website on your laptop. It could also be an alert service from search engines, such as Google Alerts, and can be had right in your email. You do need to key in keywords related to wine deals while setting up the alerts.

Gods of Wine From Ancient Mythologies

Wine is often touted as a drink of the Gods. No other alcoholic beverage has been associated with the Gods in such a positive manner. Generally, we are not advised to have any intoxicating drink due to our religious beliefs but it is also a fact that our ancient Gods did drink wines.


To begin with, let us turn to Greek mythology. The ancient Greeks even had a God of grapes-Dionysus. This shows how important was grape cultivation during those times for the Greeks. This God was not just for the grapes but also for winemakers and wines as such. Dionysus also exhibited two distinct moods of a person intoxicated with wines. One of the moods is of ecstasy and joy, and the other mood is of utter misery and chaos. Symbolism of these two facets of wine drinkers is unmistakable, and is true even now. True to those who drink excessively and become untamed, Dionysus was also a God for them who wanted people to live a life without bondages.

Now, let us discuss the Roman God, Liber. Liber was the God of viticulture. LiberAnd, besides viticulture, he was also the lord of Freedom and fertility. It is interesting to note that wines are also related to fertility and spirit of freedom world over. Liber represented male power.

Gods of wine are not exclusive to Europe. Even the South Africans had their Goddess of beer in Mbaba Mwana Waresa. Again, she is also a Goddess of Fertility.

Mbaba Mwana Waresa
Mbaba Mwana Waresa

The goddess is highly revered in South Africa for her invention of beer.

The Sumerians also had their wine God in Ninkasi. She is believed to be a brewer herself who made wines for Gods. These early brewers were women since it was considered to be a part of job of women folk.


Raegast, the Slavic God. Raugutiene, the fermentation God of Baltic countries, and Raugupatis, the beer Goddess of Baltic nations. Soma, the Hindu God. Sucellus, the Celtic God of agriculture and alcoholic drinks. These are some of the Gods who have been directly related to wines or other similar intoxicating beverages.

Derwent Estate Winery – Wines with a difference

About Derwent Estate

The Mt Nassau property has been in the hands of Hanigan’s family since 1913 and underwent various initiatives over time including vegetable production, growing poppies, and production of lime etc. and lately entered into viticulture.

Location of the property is geographically favorable to produce cool climate wine grapes

Derwent Estate Winery avoids using insecticides and pesticides that may be harmful to the environment during grape production. Alternatively, they use Integrated Pest Management approach.


The original plantings of 1992 in the vineyard comprised of only one grape variety. Five years later, these planting saw an increase to 4 grape varieties. As the name of Derwent Estate grew and its popularity rose over the years, wine companies started knocking on Derwent’s door asking it to grow premium fruit for them which included iconic names in wine business like Penfolds, for its Yattarna wine label. Today, the vineyard spans over 10 hectares with 5 different grape varieties.


The winery has 3 labels under it and are named below –

  • Lime Kiln Point Label – This label has only one Pinot Noir under it.

Lime Kiln Point Label 1


  • Boat Label – Most of the wines of the Derwent Estate belongs to this label.

Derwent Estate Boat 1

  • CALCAIRE Label – Is the premium label of Derwent Estate

Derwent Estate Calcaire

Derwent Estate Pinot Noir Tasmania 2015
Derwent Estate Pinot Noir Tasmania 2015