Wine Quote – women,wine and song

Women, wine and song is a hendiatris (a figure of speech) which means three words expressing a single idea.

Wine Quote---Who-loves-not-women-wine-song-

These words means someone who is a follower of a hedonistic lifestyle. The life of such a person is centered around gaining more pleasure and happiness out of life.


What is Binge drinking and how to keep a check on it?

Binge Drinking also known as alcohol intoxication disorder. Common reasons people do binge drinking can range be many such as to relieve stress, to escape problems, to forget crumbling relationships, to celebrate and socialise.INFOGRAPHIC---Binge-drinking

Standard Drink

Drinking more than 4 standard drinks is considered to binge drinking. To calculate the no of standard drinks use the below formula :

The number of standard drinks = 0.789 x the volume of the container (L) x % alcohol by volume (mL/100mL).

Note: standard drink is independent on the type of drink (beer,wine, spirit)

Health effects of Binge Drinking

Short term effects of binge drinking can be vomiting, nausea, headaches whereas long term effects can cause stomach problems, heart problems or mental and neurological disorders.

Here are few suggestions you can keep it mind to avoid binge drinking-

  • Avoid drinking on empty stomach
  • Donot drink in a hurry
  • Club together alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
  • Respect your body limit.

Remember – At the end of the day, it is you who has to live in your body. Make sure it to be the best place for you!


Wine Quote – Where there is wine…

Euripides was a greek tragedian of 5th century B.C. who once wrote ‘ Where there is no wine, there is no love’. These lines still hold significance today, where wine associated with the feelings of love.


No wonder couples love to drink wine on their romantic dates. Also, on family dinners and get togethers, wine has a significant role to play. People not only enjoy pairing it with food but more importantly it is about cheering for good health and long life for everyone. Wine is all about acknowledging the good times and for coming of happy days ahead!

Wine storage and factors affecting it

Advantage of Wine Storage

Not all wines are made for storing. Most of the wines are ready to drink. Proper wine storage allows wine to age well and develop favourable aromas and flavours.


Ways in which wine can be stored

Wines can be stored in wine cellars, wine caves or through wine refrigerators and racks.These all provide optimum conditions for wine storage.

  • Wine cellar – Helps in providing constant temperature and constant humidity conditions
  • Wine caves – Helps in providing high humidity and cool temperatures for wine storage
  • Wine refrigerators and racks – A much cheaper alternative, useful for long time ageing

Does drinking wine help in reducing weight?

Wine and weight Loss

When we drink wine, the body releases enzymes to digest the alcohol. The process of breaking down of alcohol uses energy of the body but which is not significant enough to reduce weight. However, wine can be used as an alternative to high sugary drinks.


One can also calculate the amount of calories intake by using this simple formula. Suppose, you are drinking 5 oz of red wine with 15% alcohol level, then the amount of calories is equal to 5x15x1.6(=120 calories)

So, the question arises which type of wine should all weight watchers prefer? White wines tend to have lower amount of calories compared to red wines, it is naturally a better choice.On the other hand, sessert wines, that are sweet and high in calories should be avoided at all cost.





No compromise on wine

When it comes to wines don’t compromise. As life is too short to drink bad wine. And the best way to find good wines is by exploring.

Some suggestions on how to develop taste for good wines

  • Experiment with new varieties
  • Plan to go out for wine tasting event
  • Reading about wines especially about flavours and food pairing
  • Know about wine competitions happening and which wines are highly rated
  • Read blogs of wine critics – it will provide you with an expert view point on wines
  • Visiting wineries in your region – Attending wine tasting at cellar doors


Going out of the way can be sometimes rewarding!